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It's hard for me to even remember last year's ride. It was filled with very mixed emotions.

I was very happy with the ride because Mike and I did more miles (90) than we had the previous 2 years. The unfortunate part of the ride is that we never crossed either finish line. As my friend Colleen said; "It's the number of starts that counts!" Mike on the other hand, was very upset because the finish line means everything to him.

Last year the heat was really bad.....we even saw people in ice baths at rest stops.

Colleen and Gary saved us from having to take the SAG wagons. They are such great support and will be there again this year too!

One thing that made me angry was when we knew we were not going to finish, Mike called his parents and told them not to come to meet us. We were at the finish line to see Jake and Rosie come in and I've never seen Mike so low. I was happy that we rode as far as we did! I also raised $5000 for MS Research.

We have trained some this year but again the weather hasn't cooperated. Mike is already planning a way that we can cross each finish line, even if it means not being at the emotional start Saturday.

I have had a challenge with trying to get a foley catheter for the ride. The hardest thing for me is walking to the bathroom or ditch and then getting back on the bike. I've talked to many women about this and they all understand but the urologist and PCP won't do it. Now I'm feeling this is a real gender issue. Maybe I can still figure something out.

However it happens, I'm excited to ride for the 9th year!