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Non Ride

This will be short because I rode about a block in the 2011 MS 150!

It all started with another ACL reconstruction on March 31. The rehab was slower than my previous ACL. Trying to train during the spring and summer was extremely hard because of heat and rain. My knee wasn’t back to normal by August.

It was also a very stressful summer. I found myself crying a lot and was diagnosed with major depression. The depression stemmed from feeling sad about my MS.
On top of it all, I was asked to follow the Pediatrician I work with to a new clinic. It wasn’t a hard decision but a big change!

Close to the weekend of the ride, we decided that I couldn’t ride the first day and I got an air conditioned room in Whitewater. Our wonderful supportive friends, Gary and Colleen were available with Mike’s truck and the tandem so we could ride the tandem at any time the second day. It was so hot on Sunday that I couldn’t start at a later rest stop. We waited at the McDonalds near South Town so we could all cross the finish together.

This was Rosie’s first MS ride and she did great! And it was Jake’s 2nd ride. The hardest part for me was leaving Mike and Rosie at the bus loading Friday at WPS and then driving home alone! Not being at the Saturday start was especially hard.

Mike rode his single bike with Dave and George. That went well for him and is easier than the tandem. I am not looking forward to the day when I can’t ride at all!

This year’s training started out slowly because I fractured 3 ribs during a fall on June 1. Mike hurt his knee June 10 and the heat has been horrible. I have ridden my trike fairly often but really rode the tandem in the last couple weeks. Saturday we rode 51 miles and today (Monday) 20 miles. My knee is well and so is Mike’s. The temp is still hot!

We have alternative options for the ride this year and Gary and Colleen have agreed to be our support again! I’m planning to ride both days.