Our Team - "MS SUCKS - We ride for BUCKS"

We are a small group of Wisconsin cyclists dedicated to raising donations and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis Research every year through the;

MS 150 Best Dam Bike Tour

This year my wife Sara and I will be celebrating our 14th year anniversary doing this ride. Over that time we have raised $70,000 + toward a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. We are always looking for people to join us in our efforts and will welcome any and all who have a desire to improve the lives of people with MS as well as the people who care for them.

Dust off that bicycle and get out and ride. I guarantee it will be the most rewarding thing you do this year.

Our aim is to make an impact in our state by raising awareness for MS through our efforts riding the MS-150.

To accomplish our goals, we need to reach some pretty lofty heights:

  • Develop a core group of dedicated fundraiser's / riders
  • Increase donations each year to find a cure for MS
  • Develop business relationships to gain corporate sponsorship and corporate donations

Benefits of joining us

By riding with "MS SUCKS - We ride for BUCKS", you not only help fight MS, but also get some perks as well:
  1. A FREE team t-shirt to show your support for MS throughout the year as well as to wear at the Saturday night recognition and entertainment event in Whitewater.
  2. Ability to join us on training rides during the months before the ride.
  3. An invitation for you and your significant other to our annual anniversary / fundraising party each July where we enjoy a feast of great food and drink at our secluded home on top of a hill in the country.


How we got our name

After my wife Sara was diagnosed with MS she slowly lost the ability to do many of the things she had done prior to having MS. Sara enjoyed a very active lifestyle and loved the outdoors. This was the main reason I was attracted to her. One day when she discovered that yet again something she had enjoyed doing prior to MS, now was not possible to do anymore, she said to me: "You know something; MS SUCKS".  I agreed, and from then on this became our motto for our fight to end this disease forever.

"With each mile we ride,we hope to bring the National MS Society closer to a cure."